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La Cerise sur le Château

an event at the foot of the majestic Château d'Aubiry in Céret !

An unforgettable experience

for the first edition of this unique festival !

Welcome to the La Cerise sur le Château festival, an event taking place at the foot of the majestic Château d’Aubiry in Céret. This unique festival combines the natural beauty of the surrounding territory with the cultural heritage of a historic castle, providing an unforgettable experience!

You will be transported to a world where nature and territory meet harmoniously. You will be able to enjoy a multitude of outdoor activities, delicious food-trucks and a fine line-up!

Exhibitions of local artisans and outdoor artistic performances will add an artistic and lively touch to the atmosphere of the festival.

It is also a family event, offering special activities for children, interactive play areas and entertainment for all ages. Whether you are a nature lover, a history buff or simply looking for a unique festive experience, this festival is for you.

Join us and dive into an immersive adventure, where the magic of the territory and the grandeur of a castle combine to create unforgettable memories.


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