5 places to visit with the family

Want visits that will delight young and old ? The Vallespir is the destination for all ages. Discovery of farm animals, fun awareness on the water, exploration of world music, or wonder of the natural treasures of the territory… choose your family adventure !


Diving, pedalling, paddling, jumping, sliding… Welcome to the Saint Jean lakes!

Take in the surrounding nature where water meets land. Nothing better to recharge your batteries and discover the simple pleasures of life. No time to waste! Walk or cycle around these two lakes to enjoy this exceptional natural setting.

For the more curious, discover the flora and fauna that surround the area: butterflies, bees, dragonflies, as well as birds, both sedentary and migratory, such as the great cormorant, the egret, the grey heron, the jay, the bee-eaters and the tits.

In summer, the TSJ Wakepark restaurant and the Guinguette du Lac welcome you to their terraces with views of this magnificent setting!

An absolute “must-do” family experience!

A treat for children! Full of activities to do for all the family.

Aude, 37 years

La Maison de l'eau et de la Méditerranée

A unique establishment in the region that offers a beginner’s journey to the heart of water
Interactive visit and workshops offered  by reservation  throughout the year! 

Take a voyage of discovery to the heart of water at the Maison de l’Eau et de la Méditerranée (MEM) !

The MEM is a cultural museum accessible to all on the theme of water which is part of the history and heritage of the city of Le Boulou. Its innovative museography emphasizes the transmission of knowledge within experimental, immersive, and interactive spaces that appeal to all the senses. Along the way, water is explained in all its forms with, at the heart of the museographic topic, the challenges of preserving water resources in the area and, more broadly, across the planet.

An original concept that allows you to learn more about the history of the water of the territory.

Nathalie, 42 years

Le Musée de la Musique in Ceret

with the largest collection of reed oboes in the world !

An interactive place to visit! 

Le Musée de la Musique invites you to discover collections of traditional and popular instruments from around the world. Through the exhibits of oboes, flutes, stringed instruments, and percussions, those who play and make them are brought to life.

Located in the heart of this cross-border and Mediterranean area, in which the oboe tradition remains very anchored, the Museum allows you to discover musical instruments and objects from Africa, the Middle East, Asia, Europe, and the Americas with so much musical richness and diversity.

As a music enthusiast, it is a real pleasure to discover new cultures through instruments from elsewhere.

Joël, 57 ans

Musée du Liège in Maureillas-Las-Illas

The only cork museum in the region !

Founded by former cork-makers and inhabitants of the town, the museum introduces visitors to the life of the cork oak, its ecology, its harvest, its value, and the multiple uses of cork. It presents the tools and operations used to make cork, as well as the many often unrecognised uses of oak.


Cork is the flagship asset of Vallespir, we find it everywhere and we found it interesting to know more by going to the cork museum!

Carla, 32 years

Permanent exhibition "The Castle of the Moors, a unique heritage in the heart of the Via Domitia"

Les Cluses

Throughout the year, the municipality of Les Cluses invites you to enjoy this exhibition free of charge, which gives pride of place to the remains of the past which make up the rich heritage of Les Cluses, fortunate to have within it the ruins of The Castle of the Moors ( Castell dels Moros ) and its counterpart, known as the Fortress of Cluse Haute. These two fortresses are precious testimonies of architecture from the late Roman Empire and appear to be the only surviving examples of this particular form of fortification. As the village is crossed by the Via Domitian (the first Roman road built in Gaul, what is now southern France), the exhibition traces its origin and history through the centuries, as well as the heritage linked to this mythical route.

Open Mondays and Wednesdays from 15:00 to 18:00 at the Haute Cluse cultural hall.

We are very attracted by the historical heritage and we could not miss these precious remains of this Fortress.

Hugo, 49 years