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5 ideas for family walks

Want to find an activity to spend quality time with your family ? Go and have a walk in the Vallespir with your children, grandparents, or even your pet. We have selected for you our top 5 family walks of the territory : come and enjoy the freshness of our lakes, breathe at full lungs during our hikes, enjoy the landscapes and the preserved nature, and feel the palpable history of our hearts of historic villages.

The lakes of Saint Jean Pla de Corts

A unique place to meet with family!

Diving, pedalling, paddling, jumping, sliding… Welcome to the Saint Jean lakes!

Take in the surrounding nature where water meets land. Nothing better to recharge your batteries and discover the simple pleasures of life. No time to waste! Walk or cycle around these two lakes to enjoy this exceptional natural setting.

For the more curious, discover the flora and fauna that surround the area: butterflies, bees, dragonflies, as well as birds, both sedentary and migratory, such as the great cormorant, the egret, the grey heron, the jay, the bee-eaters and the tits.

In summer, the TSJ Wakepark restaurant and the Guinguette du Lac welcome you to their terraces with views of this magnificent setting!

An absolute “must-do” family experience!

I love spending the day at the lakes! A good picnic and full of activities for children… the best!

Sabine, 32 years

Col de l'Ullat :

Take time for a walk and a meal at the Col de l'Ullat!

Get ready to take a breath of fresh air! Climb to the heights of Vallespir at the Col de l’Ullat at l’Albère and breathe in the scents of the forest that surrounds you.

Enjoy a family walk and admire forest species such as Corsican pines and beeches to truly connect with nature.

Contemplate the “Reina de les Fonts” fountain designed in the 19th century by Manel, the Shepherd of the Albère. Overlook Le Vallespir and enjoy the extraordinary panoramic view from the pass with the sacred mountain of the Catalans in the distance: Le Canigou!

For lunch, sit around a picnic table and share a family meal in the heart of the forest, or treat yourself at any time to a meal on the terrace of the restaurant “Le chalet de l’Albère” savouring their specialties made from fresh, local produce.

Our favorite spot is here: what an incredible view! It is an idyllic place where you can picnic in the middle of the forest! A real breath of fresh air for the whole family.

Alexandre, 43 years

Hiking from Le Perthus

Put on your hiking boots and go for 2 hours of walking and exploring with the family!

Along your route, you will discover the exceptional heritage with buildings steeped in history as well as breath-taking views of Vallespir, the Albères massif, the Canigou and Spain.

This is indeed a great family hike combining the opportunities to discover local heritage, to partake in a sports activity, and to connect with the flora and fauna of Vallespir!

Firstly, you will come across the resting place of Madame! This is a Castellan hut, dating from 1752, built to serve as a resting place for the wife of the Marquis de Castellane, governor of Bellegarde. Following this, you will come across three restored military fountains: “la Font del Colomer”, “la Font de Pedres Blanques” , and “la Font dels Miquelets”. Finally, you will reach the ruins of the Col de Panissars dating from Roman times and a series of border markers which delineate the border between France and Spain.

Here are some useful things before you go out:

Distance: 6.5 km / Markings: yellow / Elevation 300 m / Difficulty: 2 footprints / Starting point: Parking P2 in the village of Le Perthus

Enjoy your hike!

A hike rich in discovery! Through these kilometers traveled, we were able to admire the beautiful landscapes and appreciate these moments shared with the family.

Jade, 34 years

An unmissable bike ride !

From the historic centre of Céret to the lakes of Saint Jean Pla de Corts

Hop onto your bikes and take the greenway bike-route from the charming historic centre of Céret towards the lakes of Saint Jean Pla de Corts. A secure, accessible and pleasant route suitable for the whole family which will allow you to discover the local landscapes and typical heritage of Vallespir!

Admire the Canigou Massif from the top of the famous Pont Du Diable, feast your eyes on the cherry fields as you pedal past and stop in front of the majestic Aubiry Castle, ride through the broom and discover the village of Saint Jean Pla de Corts and its lakes.

If you are fond of games, on the Baludik application you can even find the itinerary with a fun treasure hunt with several missions and puzzles to solve, a perfect way to make the experience even more enjoyable!

We like to take our bikes, admire the Castle of Aubiry, and play together with the children. Young and old adopted Baludik.

Jérôme, 42 years

The Historic Centre of Ceret


Capital of Vallespir, nestled between the Canigou and the Mediterranean Sea, Céret is a town marked by Catalan history, culture and tradition. Many sites classified as Historical Monuments are dotted around the city, such as the Porte de France, the Neuf Jets fountain built in 1313, Aubiry castle, and the Devil’s Bridge with its impressive stone arch.

At the start of the 20th century, the town welcomed many painters and sculptors, including Pablo Picasso, Georges Braque, Marc Chagall and Chaïm Soutine. These artists’ enthusiasm for this place earned it the nickname the “Mecca of Cubism”. The town therefore has many testimonies of the artists who passed through its streets, such as a statue by Manolo Hugué, a historic memorial by Aristide Maillol, and a number of depictions of paintings spread throughout the centre of town.

To gain an artistic and cultural perspective of the town, the Museum of Modern Art in Céret, closed for expansion works until the end of 2021, offers interactive games and booklets for young and old. These various booklets allow you to discover the artist inside you, and are available at the Intercommunal Tourist Office of Vallespir, Médiathèque de Céret (library), or the entrance to Céret Mairie (town hall).

These guides offer cultural and artistic perspectives to help better understand the theme of the art that is so present in Céret.

Discover the cultural and historical heritage of the town as a family with the ‘Les Petits Détectives’ (‘Little Detectives’) booklet, available at the Vallespir Intercommunal Tourist Office. ‘Little Detectives’ is a collection of game booklets designed for visitors to explore the area of Pays d’Art et l’Histoire Transfrontalier. They provide a fun way to discover Céret’s cultural and historical heritage.

The historic center of Céret is to walk in the heart of the alleys where many artists have left their traces.

Morgane, 52 years