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Come and Discover the Cork

The Cork

Vallespir’s flagship asset!


Predominantly in the communes of Maureillas-Las Illas and Vivès, vast forests of cork oaks can be discovered which, benefiting from more than 300 days of sunshine per year, enjoy perfect ecological conditions.

Many hiking trails, which can be found in our hikers sheets, pass through these cork oak forests .

Would you like to know a little more about the cork oak ? 

Visit the Musée du Liège in Maureillas-Las Illas to discover this noble and natural material in the heart of the region in which it is produced!   Established in 1982, the museum has a collection of tools and old machines which is unique in Europe! A number of exhibition spaces enable you to discover the world of cork : its ecology, its harvest, its value and its many, often unrecognised, uses …   According to records, in 1950, half of the population worked on the noble manufacture of corks and their derivatives. Today, this industry has become an artisanal craft industry.