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Céret Cherries and Mimosas

The cherry is the symbol of the town of Céret

Indeed, it seems the two are becoming inseparable!

For more than 150 years, the cherry has found its ideal earth and climate in this part of Vallespir.  This agricultural area, the southernmost in France, has slightly sloping land and fine soils which filter easily. Spring here is mild and not very windy promoting good flowering and very early maturity of the cherries.

From around mid-March, Céret is adorned in the white glow of its many blossoming cherry trees almost transforming the town into an authentic open-air painting! It is thanks to this early flowering that, from mid- April, gourmands are lucky enough to savour the earliest cherries in France !

There are many cherry growers in the area which continue to ensure the production and harvest of this precious fruit.A quality charter was also created by a producers’ union under the “ Primélice ” brand .

Céret, des Cerises et des Hommes
Céret, des Cerises et des Hommes
Céret, des Cerises et des Hommes

Documentary “Céret, cherries and men”

Produced by the association Lezebeles Réalisations

Cherry Festival

Each year, a celebration dedicated to the Ceret cherry takes place towards the end of May which sees more than 20,000 visitors!  

For the entire weekend, “La Fête de la Cerise et Céret de Bandas ” enlivens the streets of the town with stalls from local producers, bandas, crafts on the theme of cherries, and entertainment, such as the famous stone-spitting or pitting competitions, local performances such as the sardana (traditional Catalan dance) and the castells (human pyramids) …

A great way to discover the local terroir with fun guaranteed ! 

Did you know ?

For many years now, each year, the President is sent a box of this iconic fruit all the way from Vallespir!


Starting early on in the year, the hills surrounding Ceret change colour and become gold. This is the period when the Ceret mimosas are in full bloom bringing colour to each new year!

It is a feast for the senses to behold the sights and aromas the mimosas bring to the area when they are in full bloom!

The harvest of mimosa usually takes place in the month of February . As the flowering season is very short, producers are kept busy preparing the bouquets in order to send them to the four corners of France. Yes, it is fair to say the Ceret mimosa is one admired far and wide!

On the hillside of the village bivouaquent fields provided with mimosas. At the time of the picking, it happens that, far from their place, we make the extremely fragrant meeting of a girl whose arms were taken care of during the day with fragile branches. Like a lamp whose halo of clarity would be of perfume, it leaves, its back turned to the setting sun. […]

René Char, Fureur et mystère, Seul remain (1938–1944)