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Thermal baths of Le Boulou

My thermal experience

"Chaîne Thermale du Soleil"
Relax !

Find out here about your future treatment experience at Le Boulou. For any additional information, you can contact the team at the Tourist Office who can advise you on how to make your visit easier and optimize your stay.

My first few hours, getting to know the people and the place

Forst day in Le Boulou

The D-Day, my luggages are in the trunk of my car, I have prepared my Google Maps road book and the owner of my rental is expecting me for the end of the afternoon. After 3 hours of driving, I finally arrive at Le Boulou, I go directly to the address of my rental.

My welcome on site

The owner of my flat, Margot, bustled about making me at home and explaining everything in a rapid-fire southern dialect. I’m pretty glad somebody had helped her type out everything I needed to know or I might not have realised the bottle of wine in the little basket in the kitchen was meant for me !.

After a good night’s sleep, I had a free day to enjoy the town, and walked around a little seeing the sights and doing a little window shopping.

Discovery of my thermal town

After walking down the “Rambla”, a pretty little shopping street, I found the Tourist Office, where I thought I might meet Alexander who had been so kind on the telephone a few weeks before.

My reception at the Tourist Office & my Thermal Pass

Although she wasn’t there, a smiling Charlotte welcomed me and spoke to me about the “Thermal Pass,” which I had seen in the Guide – this is a a free book of vouchers and passes for visitors taking a cure at the spa. Luckily I happened to have my spa invoice in my bag and this is all I needed to be eligible for the Pass. Charlotte explained all the different advantages the Pass gives its holder, and gave me some ideas for outings and organised excursions to try during my stay. I also signed up for her own guided tour, planned for the next day.

Well, I was certainly starting to realise that I wouldn’t get bored. Le Boulou, and its surroundings are full of curiosities. I even discovered trips funded by the local authority for “curists” all around the département. With a bag full of brochures and other information I left Tourist Office without forgetting the Le Boulou biro they gave me. I did a bit of shopping and went home to bed early – the treatment was to start early next day!

During 3 weeks, I meet great people and I have no time to get bored!

I start my spa treatment

Over the next week I met some of the most different and interesting people I’ve ever come across! The old ways really seem to bring out best in folks! Each day began with a water treatment, a jet massage, or a hydrothermal wrap, and the professionals took  the time to explain each and every operation. I hardly saw the days pass.

I decided to enrol in a participatory cooking workshop which helps its participants to create balanced meals, which is really important for my condition. I met Alexandra, the teacher, who introduced me to some amazing new ways to think about the taste and nutritional qualities of each category of food.

By the Tuesday I was getting along with Christine and Bernard, who both came by train from Perpignan airport, then by Bus for 1 € to Le Boulou. I think it’s pretty handy, and I might do the same if I go again next year.

On Wednesday, we took a day trip to Barcelona, and the following morning we went strolling to the market in Céret. I swam in the sea at the beach in Argelès-sur-Mer, and went to Conflent on the Yellow Train, with spa treatments every morning and early evening!

On the day before departure, I went back to the Tourist Office to get the little gift promised with my Thermal Pass, a nice big “Le Boulou” mug for drinking pints of herbal tea! They also got me to fill in a satisfaction survey, and it was very easy to give top marks in each category!.

On last evening, the owners of my flat invited me over to their place for an aperitif on the terrace, and I finally got to taste the Rivesaltes Muscat, which was positively delicious. The next morning I got up bright and early, looking forward to seeing my family. The whole experience was fantastic on all levels, and I recommend it without hesitation!

List of thermal doctors

"Chaîne Thermale du Soleil"

You must choose a doctor and make an appointment for the 1st day of treatment. The consultation must be carried out as soon as you arrive before registering for the Spa. During this first medical visit, please bring the following documents :

  • Part 1 and Part 2 of health insurance coverage, vital card
  • Your current treatment prescriptions
  • Your medical reports and/or letter from your attending physician indicating the medical history
Feeling the benefits

Back home

Back home, a head full of good memories and a camera full of pictures, I published the best on Facebook and gave the Tourist Office page a big fat LIKE. A friend of mine, Lindsay has diabetes, and having met a few people with that condition at the spa, I suggested she give it a try. We found the brochure online and she downloaded it – I think I may have convinced her, and we’ve even been talking about going together. Back at work I felt infinitely less stressed, more relaxed and performing better than ever.

After three months I got a satisfaction questionnaire from the spa to evaluate the effectiveness of my cure, to help them improve. Most of the questions aimed to evaluate the development of my hypercholesterolaemia before and after the cure.

Having seen a marked overall improvement in my general health, my evaluation was highly positive.

I have no more cramps in the calves or sleepless nights. I notice that my habits have changed: I walk much more, my diet is more balanced, I find greater pleasure in eating, I’m less stressed and my intake of medication has gone down. My cholesterol has also dropped according to my latest tests. I’ll be back!

Thermal Pass

Advices & tips for your stay

As a “curist” (what we call someone taking the waters for medicinal benefit) you have chosen our spa, and we would like to thank you for the trust you have placed in us. We hope to provide you with a service equal to your privileged status. Les Thermes, the Tourist Office and their many partners are delighted to offer you your Thermal Pass.

This pass will be issued to you personally upon presentation of a document (such as your invoice) proving that you are spending a week or more in the town for your cure. It provides numerous benefits and ways to make your stay more enjoyable.

Thermal Pass Benefits / How to Use :

  1. On presentation of proof of cure, upon your arrival, pick up your thermal pass at the Tourist Office during our opening hours.
  2. Access the Thermal Shuttle for free (timetables available in our online brochures, section “Thermalism”) on presentation of the pass. It takes 1 to 6 minutes between each bus stop.
  3. Benefit from a welcome gesture on the first visit to a retailer or partner cultural site (offer subject a purchase).
  4. Return the thermal pass to the tourist office if the 10 boxes are stamped at partner and/or cultural sites : 1 gift is offered to you. Namely: you have the right to have the boxes stamped several times at the same shop.
  5. Return the thermal pass to the tourist office if the 10 boxes stamped : 1 gift is offered to you. Namely : you have the right to have the boxes stamped several times at the same merchant.
  6. Take part in our welcome drinks meeting for spa guests : every 15 days on Tuesdays at 6 p.m. Calendar of dates to ask a travel advisor, and note in your diary during your cure.

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