Over the WaterThe irrigation channel

The irrigation channel

The irrigation channel

of Céret

For centuries, a small irrigation channel cut into the rock supplied the public fountains of Céret and allowed the watering of cultivated plots. As the need for water to facilitate agricultural development became more and more necessary, the decision was made by imperial decree on October 1st 1861 to build a large irrigation canal, its water intake deriving from the Tech at Amélie-les-Bains.

Along its journey, it passed over hills and slopes, watering and refreshing each of the orchards and gardens. In this way, the grounds of Reynès, Céret, Maureillas-Las Illas and Saint-Jean Pla de Corts were quenched of their thirst. At times a source of conflict in times of drought, water distribution has had to be controlled. It is for this reason a warden is responsible for ensuring that each sector benefits from its share of watering.
A monument dedicated to the builders of the large irrigation canal was erected in 1937, on the Place de l’Ormeau next to the Fontaine d’Amour. It is the work of Gustave Violet.