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Over the waterGet your fill of nautical activities at the lakes of Saint Jean Pla de Corts

Get your fill of nautical activities at the lakes of Saint Jean Pla de Corts

Diving, pedalling, paddling, jumping, sliding… Welcome to the Saint Jean lakes ! This is THE must-see site in Vallespir to get your fill of activities with your feet in the water !

Thrill seeking ?

Hang on to the WAKE PARK CABLE offered by TSJ WakePark for top snowboarding sessions !

Water ski lift, wakeboard, kneeboard, wakeskate,

there is something for all levels.

If you are more tempted by fun and playful activities,

head to AquaJump !

Inflatable structures placed on the water with a slide, catapult, trampoline, and even a climbing wall, in short, something everyone can enjoy.

Good atmosphere and fun guaranteed !

Want to gain some height ?

Soar over the lake on the “splash zipline” at the tree climbing park Les Aventuriers de Saint Jean. No less than 170 meters of crossing allowing you to make your most attractive shapes in the air !

And for those who prefer to explore the lake at a leisurely pace,

head to the Fun Nautique base !

There you can rent a boat of your choice: paddle boards, kayaks, pedal boats equipped with slide… and the latest addition, the giant paddle board to (try to) steer as a group !

With all these providers, we enjoy a warm and friendly welcome, wise advice and safe activities! Real playground, at the lakes there is something for everyone, so, take out the jerseys !

Maëva - july 2021