Cascade de Baoussous à CéretCascade Baoussous
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Over the WaterThe Baoussous waterfall

An exceptional natural site : The Baoussous waterfall

In a naturally divine corner of Céret, a path will guide you to the exceptional Baoussous waterfall! Discover this jewel of Vallespir hidden under the shade of its foliage. During the hottest hours of the summer season, it is the ideal place to cool off and enjoy nature.

This shaded trail is not very long. However, we advise you to wear shoes suitable for hiking in the mountains.

Located half an hour’s walk from the historic centre of Céret, from here you can also follow the yellow signposts and hike “Les balcons de Céret”: a 2-hour walk in the heart of nature.

The Cerét waterfall is a small paradise, we are cut off from everything and the sound of water makes us meditate on the beauty that nature offers us every day…

Marguerite, may 2021