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Art and Culture5 ideas of places to visitin Vallespir

5 ideas of places to visit

Guided tours by the Pays d'Art et d'Histoire Transfrontalier

"The Catalan Valleys"

Discover the exceptional heritage of Vallespir in the company of tourist-guides knowledgeable in the fields of architecture and heritage.
They know well the many facets of the area and, through the villages of the valley, will give you the keys to understanding its heritage.

Visiting the various heritage sites of Vallespir means discovering the natural and historical wealth that this territory has.

Mathieu, 34 years old

The Music Museum

in Céret

The Music Museum invites you to discover collections of traditional and popular instruments from around the world.
Through oboes, flutes, stringed instruments, and percussions, those who play and make them are brought to life. Located in the heart of a cross-border and Mediterranean territory in which the oboe tradition remains very anchored, the Museum leads you to discover musical instruments and objects from Africa, the Middle East, Asia, Europe and the Americas with so much musical richness and diversity.

As a music enthusiast, it is a real pleasure to discover new cultures through instruments from elsewhere.

Joël, 57 years old
The Musée d’Art Moderne in Céret

One of the biggest museums in Occitanie !

Reopening March 5th 2022

The Museum of Modern Art in Céret is a museum internationally renowned for the richness of its history and the quality of its exhibitions.

The permanent collection of the museum will be presented in a completely renovated backdrop testifying to the enchanted artistic history of the small town which saw all the great names of the 20th and 21st centuries pass by, Picasso, Braque, Matisse, Herbin, Gris, Soutine, Chagall, Miró …and even contemporary artists such as Tàpies, Viallat and Bioulès.

The Museum of Modern Art of Céret is a museum that does good in our eyes.

Salomé, 40 years old

Galleries and workshops

At the bend of an alley, in a chapel, in art galleries and artists’ studios, art is everywhere in Vallespir ! Each municipality has its own cultural space and exhibition venues, the programs for which you can find in the entertainment schedule.

In the commune of Céret alone you will find more than thirty galleries and workshops ! 

  • Not to be missed : la maison de l’histoire and l’espace des arts in Boulou, must-see exhibition spaces ! What’s more, la maison de l’histoire offers a permanent exhibition covering all periods of history, from the Paleolithic period to the present day, drawing connections with the local history of Le Boulou.

Here you can discover the collection from “ The battle of Boulou ”, contemplate a reproduction of the frieze that the Master of Cabestany carved for the Sainte-Marie church, and admire the model of the old suspension bridge of Le Boulou.

Temporary exhibitions are on offer all-round the year.

Art inspires in Vallespir !

Paul, 27 years old

Chemin faisant / chemins sublimes

Céret is a town steeped in history in the heart of Vallespir.
In order to soak up the historical and cultural sites as much as possible, the Vallespir Intercommunal Tourist Office provides you with a tourist map offering two routes to be taken in the city centre.

You can either follow the “ Chemin Faisant ” route which brings together the monuments and the historical heritage of the city : from the fountain of 9 jets, the principle fountain of the town built in 1313, through the Porte de France and the Porte d’Espagne discover the various monuments of the town from across the centuries !    

The “ Chemins Sublimés ” route is also marked out and offers you the enjoyment of discovering reproductions of paintings (in situ) from famous painters who have stayed or lived in Céret.  

And that’s not all ! Galleries and workshops can also be found throughout the town, whether on the outskirts or in the historic centre, in fact you can even find them in this very brochure !

A beautiful cultural walk !

A journey not to be missed to retrace the history of the artists who passed through the village of Céret!

Maria, 58 years old